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February 2018 : Love your Library @LopezMSLibrary

Students enjoy Speed Dating with a Book

Speed Dating with a Book ; A Sweet Success

Students have enjoyed browsing new titles in a unique format. Speed dating gives the students a chance to learn more about different types of books and explore new genres.

Box Tops Due Next Week

Students and parents, please send your Box Tops to the library. The money raised will allow us to purchase items for the library. The LEADS Library group is the voice of the library and they will help us decide what to buy for the Lopez Library.

CLICK HERE to Register for our school to receive 5,000 Bonus Box Tops

Here is What's Happening this Month @LOPEZMSLIBRARY

Celebrating African American History Month

The "Bat Lady" is coming to visit 6th Grade Science to discuss the Ecosystem.

7th Grade Science will be researching a Biomes and creating a Google Tour.

Tech Corner

Are you searching for a print book, e-book, database, or digital collection on a specific topic?

  • Don't forget to use Brittanica Image Quest when searching for images for your projects. You can copy, paste, and cite all from this resource.

4th Annual Blind Date with a Book

We are celebrating our love of books in the library as we continue our 4th Annual Blind Date with a Book.

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Series

Which genre will you pick? Stop by and select a book based on the tag lines provided.

You might find a new genre you like , remember you can't judge a book by its cover.

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