Leonardo da Vinci:

Brilliant or just Backward?

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Mirror Writing

This link will explain possible reasons why LdV wrote in mirror writing. Be sure to try it yourself!

What is the answer to the question in the picture to the right?

Try mirror writing yourself!

On a piece of paper, write your full name mirror style. To jazz it up, use a specific font or write a sentence. Use the mirror to check to see how you did. Decorate with concentric circles to exaggerate the letters...and you have a piece of abstract art!

Da Vinci Games

Try this leveled game on Da Vinci. How many will you get right?

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Just who was "Mona Lisa"?

While there is supposedly a woman that sat for the Mona Lisa portrait, there is a lack of definitive evidence. hence, there are several theories and explanations about this enigmatic painting. See the link below for the discussion.