Leprachaun Trap

Not this time!!!!!!!

This Leprachaun is going to be a hit!!!


I predict that my trap will work because of the inclined plane. I think using the plane will work better than using anything else.

How it was made:

First I took an oatmeal container and cut 2 holes in it. Then I took some green paper and wrapped it around the container. While I was waiting for that to be done i made a little ladder/inclined plane. After it was done drying i took the inclined plane and the container and i put them together. At the top i have a small 3D sign that says "Free Gold" and by that i have a little "pot" of "gold".

How it works:

When he sees the sign that says free Gold, he will walk up the inclined plane and try to get the Gold. Then he will fall down a small hole with a piece of paper over it. After he falls down scientists can figure out why the Leprachaun is so sneaky.

Mateirels used:

* A oatmeal box * Green paint
* Colored Markers * Construction paper
* Saran Wrap * Hot glue
*Paint brush sticks
*Popsicle sticks *Pillow fluffing

This is some pictures of my presentation and what its about!!!


It works!!!!! I did change it a few times but it still works right!!!! Using the little green ladder was better than using anything else. This was a really fun project!!!!!!!!!!!!!