Mrs. Marler's Weekly Newsletter

April 4th- 8th

Class Update

Math- Analyzing Line Plots, and learning how to use a ruler to measure to the nearest half and quarter inch. Later this week, we will begin learning about area and perimeter.

Reading- Students are working in groups to research an animal using multiple different resources to combine information and to take notes. We are working on finding the main idea and paraphrasing while doing the research project!

Writing- Students are drafting sections of their informational writing. Students are adding their own thoughts and imagery to their writing.

Science- Students are working in groups to make an instrument that can be fairly loud as well as change pitch. After this project, we will move into social studies where we will be learning about government and the Antebellum period.

Field Trip

On April 11th the third grade will be taking a trip to Ashtabula Plantation in Pendelton South Carolina. This will be a wonderful experience for students to learn what life was like during the 1800's and understand more about the Antebellum period. Students will tour the plantation house and will do activities like:

  • do lessons in an 1830s classroom
  • spin and weave a school wall hanging
  • learn to write with quill and ink
  • learn about Native American trading practices and make a necklace
  • compare life in 2012 with life in the 1800s

Please have students bring in the field trip permission slip, lunch form and money as soon as possible! Thank you!!

Important Dates

April 8th- Report Cards go home

April 11th- Field Trip

April 14th- Author Visit- Dan Santat

April 26th-28th- SC Ready Test


Spelling- Students will learn how to make words using the past tense.

Reading- Please encourage your child to read every day!

Math- Students will have H.W on Tuesday- Thursday in math.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Have a wonderful week!