Life working in a Sweatshop

By: Maddie and Declan

Have you ever wondered where your clothes are made?

Many in fact, most of our clothes are made in sweatshops. They usually has dangerous cramped working spaces and overall it is a place that know one should have to ever work in.

Here's the scoop: show the reason why working conditions are bad

-In the sweatshops children are being forced to work in unsafe environments for many hours.

- A sweatshop is a factory that deos not follow the U.S laws that protect workers saftey.

- Most sweatshop workers earn $200 or less for 50-hours workweek without a break making survial a strugle

-workers work dont know they are working with leathl chemicels and sometimes they get expoused to it and that can sometimes lead to death.


- There also was a horrifying factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed more than 800 people.

-Declan's fact/ summary of quote

- These workers are working in cramped tight spaces, for long (unreasonable) hours, and they usually don't have any breaks.

-Declan's fact/ summary of quote

What you can do to help:

You as a purchaser can research where your clothes are made then, look up the companies factories so you can find out how they are made. Do this so you can be more aware as a consumer!