Oil Pollution


Causes of the pollution

An oil spill happens when liquid petroleum is released into the environment by vehicle, vessel or pipeline. It happens on a large scale and is mostly seen in water bodies. It happens due to human negligence and is a major form of pollution. The source of the spill are many. Crude oil can be released by tankers on land. In water bodies, the spill occurs due to drilling rigs, offshore oil platforms and well. An oil spills and their effects can also be experienced with refined petroleum or even waste oil from large scale industries. What is common in all of them is that the damage caused by them is permanent and takes a long time to clean up.

It is important to always inspect for deterioration, leaks and decay, in all equipment. This should be done on an annual basis. On the boat vessel, check to see that all the fuel lines and hoses are still in good condition and that all of the seals are connected tightly. In your home, check your pipes, supply lines, and oil tank for any signs of corrosion or over-pressurization. If anything is damaged, be sure to replace it. If you have a heating system, make sure you have an oil safety valve. If you do not have one, it is time to install one. This automatically turns off the oil supply in the event that the line breaks. It is a smart feature for everyone to have in their homes if they have a heating system.