Three days

By: Kennedi Miller

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Dear Mrs Miller

The book I am sharing with you is "Three Days" By Donna Jo Napoli. The book surprisingly effected me a big way. it starts off with Jamie's dad inviting her to take a business trip to Italy, Soon after dinner when they were on there way to the hotel her father starts to have a heart attack. But Jamie is only in the 6th grade and doesn't know what to do in this situation. They are deserted on a street where not many cars go on. But then a white van slowed down right beside her, Jamie tries to tell them that something is wrong but the two men don't understand her. The two men quickly grab her and speed away. If I was in her position I would be scared out of my mind. Being on a totally different continent where no one can understand you and you can't understand them. Being kidnapped by strangers,not knowing what they are going to do to you. Having to see your dad lying there .DEAD. I would be under so much shock that I wouldn't be able to talk. After I read that the book had me hooked and I could not put it down. So many questions were running through my mind. "Will she make it back home?" "What are those two men going to do to Jamie?" "What happened to Jamie's father after they kidnapped her?" "Will she every escape?" As I read I crossed my fingers that I would get some answers.

I think we read these kind of stories because there are some points in the book where you actually relate to the way the character is feeling. Kidnapping happens almost everyday. The weird thing this kidnapping is that she was kidnapped in Italy by people who she can't even understand. And they can't understand her. I think it's important to read stories like these because this kind of incident could happen to anyone, and that is something that should be taken more seriously. It's terrible to think that someone could wake up to think that it is going to be another regular day to being the worst day of their life. The story itself was not lighthearted. But the fact that the family took her in after the accident with her dad seems kind. The family is just sad because they lost a little girl of there own and thought that taking Jamie in would make things better. We read stories like these because they are entertaining. And keep our hands glued to the book. Like at the heart attack part, you wanna keep reading to find out what happens to Jamie. The kidnapping part, you wanna know what they are going to do to Jamie. And that part when Jamie tried to run away there was a creepy man following her, made you think "How was she going to get out of this".

The book "Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore" is similar to "Three Days". The reason why they are similar because both stories involve Kidnappings. In the book "Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore" A young girl is drugged and snatched and held for ransom. While "Three days" A young girl loses her father the effect is that she gets kidnapped.