Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 12 February 2, 2015

Upcoming Webinars

One of our favorite webinar presenters is working with Easy Bib on two presentations this month. Shannon McClintock Miller is a teacher, librarian, and technology integration expert.

If you are interested in either of the following webinar opportunities, please realize that all registered participants will receive the recording and any additional resources. You will most likely be in class during the webinar, but the recording is usually better because you can fast forward.

*The information below are copy and pasted from Easy Bib.

Creating Engaging Online Reading Communities

Creating Engaging Online Reading Communities for Your Students

Would you love to use reading, technology, and social networks to engage and excite your young readers? Learn how librarians and educators successfully use safe digital tools to bring “Book Clubs” and a love of reading to the digital age. Please join Shannon McClintock Miller, Award Winning Teacher Librarian, Technology Integrator and 2014 Library Journal Mover & Shaker along with Marjan Ghara, Founder & CEO of, as they explore digital tools and tips to engage young readers, and how you can use safe online resources to reach reluctant and power readers alike, ultimately creating a supportive and powerful reading community

Aligning Standards to Digital Tools and eResources


During this one hour session, teacher librarian Shannon Miller and Mesa Heise, Director of Digital Services at Mackin Educational Resources, will discuss how digital tools and eResources align with critical learning standards including ISTE's NETS, AASL's Standards for the 21st Century Learner, and the Common Core State Standards.

Shannon and Mesa will show you how digital tools and eResources within MackinVIA can continue to help support your instruction and assessment of these fundamental skills. You will leave with a toolbox of amazing new ideas and resources

Classroom of the week- Sara Beckman and Heather Dohrn's Math Classes

The students in 6th grade math are striving to understand ratios and proportions. Heather and Sara are both working hard to make sure that they are truly covering the Illinois Learning Standards. One of the main focuses in sixth grade math is ratios and proportions. Sara and Heather are both making sure that their student understand the ratios and proportions. They don't want the students to simply memorize a process they want them to see the whole big picture. One method they have implemented to do this is Project Based Learning. PBL is not always easy to do in a math class, but these two have done so. They are having their students create real life ratio scenarios, present the scenario to the class and the class is responsible for solving the problems. The best part of this activity is students got to select topics that interest them and the students realized that math does apply to real life. The pictures below show the students taping videos to include in their lesson. One major positive from this unit is that students that don't always have a lot of success in math found a way to be successful in math class.