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What's been happening in our neck of the woods...

Hello, family and friends! I've decided that it would be much simpler to send out an e-newsletter, since most folks are on email these days! Cannot believe that summer 2015 is in the bag!

Scott and I made a quick trip to Denver at the beginning of June to visit Lorna, Mom and Paul. We stayed with Bruce and Michele downtown and really enjoyed our family time. We were able to celebrate Bruce's birthday with dinner at Linger Eatuary (former Olinger's Mortuary site!!) in downtown Denver; made for lively dinner conversation! We noticed that Lorna had a lingering deep cough and was a little under the weather when we were there. Upon our arrival back in San Diego, we received a text from Bruce that she was being treated for pneumonia.

Sadly, we lost Lorna on June 13th at the age of 97. Our family, plus Lauren's fiance Kevin and Audra's boyfriend of 2 years, Aaron flew back in mid July for her memorial service. We had some really special family time. Lorna's entire family was there, with the exception of grandson Graham's wife Heather and two children, Penny and Teddy. Heather was 8 months pregnant with their 3rd child at the time. She has since delivered baby daughter Josephine! We were able to spend a little time with Mom and Paul as well while back in Denver.

In mid-August, Scott and I joined Bruce and Michele and 12 of their friends for a week-long houseboat trip on Lake Powell! We had an incredible time. Neither Scott nor I had ever done a houseboat, but had talked about doing it when the kids were younger. The scenery was spectacular! We met some really fantastic people and had a great time!

The day after we arrived home, we picked up the newest addition to our family, TJ! He is a spunky, adorable Wire Haired Pointing Griffon puppy. Not sure if we'll survive puppyhood, but we're going to try to make the best of it!! We're looking forward to having him as our companion, along with kitty Marley for a long time.

The girls have started their 3rd year of teaching and are excited for what this year will hold for them! They thoroughly enjoyed their summer off!

I hope all is well across the country! Enjoy the Fall, everyone! Love to you all -- Jeanene and Scott

Lake Powell, Bullfrog, UT

Had such a great time with this fabulous group of people!