Task 2


In the book Percy Jackson chapter 17 on page 227. I thought the sentence that had great detail was,He had gray, leathery skin, thick-lidded eyes, and a cold, reptilian smile. when i read that it described the charter well in detail.


In the show Jessie on one episode the kids where having a flashback of where they where born for example Ravi was born in India so he had a flashback of of where he was when he was younger.


In the show law in order they had a lot of foreshadowing because they where trying to solve a case and there was a lot of evidence that they had found help to support who the person who did this was. so that is my evidence of foreshadowing in a show.


When I was watching this movie called Elf and the main character said this " you sit on a throne of lies." and I thought that, that was a good example of a hyperbole because it is not possible to sit on lies .

Figures of Speech

The form of speech I found was personification it was in the show gravity falls they have these mystical charterers that have never been seen before and an example of personification from this show would be these garden gnomes that talk. Another example that i found was a simile form a book i am reading called Percy Jackson was that dog is like a dragon mixed with a lion. that was an example of another from of figures of speech. so i thought that both of those where great examples of different figures of speech.


when i was watching animal planet the show tanked unfiltered was playing . they always have competitions to see who goes to the install or picks fish and things like that.one of

the mini competition was to make a crazy tongue twister and one of the workers said " the twinkling trout twisted in the line." and that is also an example of alliteration. so , that is what i found on alliteration.