Non-Thermal Preservation

Manipulates properties of food without using heat.


  • Food is exposed to ionizing radiation.
  • Irradiated foods must be labeled in the U.S.
  • Examples include: Spices, herbs, dried vegetables, and fruits.

Ohmic Heating

  • Alternating electrical flow between two electrodes.
  • Examples include: Liquid eggs, soups, juices, vegetables in liquid, fruits in liquid, and other heat sensitive liquids.


  • Destroys microorganisms using ozone gas.
  • Used for Water treatment.
  • Examples include: Fresh produce/fruit packaging, water purification, processing meat, seafood and poultry.

High Pressure Processing

  • Food is exposed to pressures of at least 45,000 psi (pounds per square inch.)
  • Examples include: Ready to eat whole and sliced meat, processed fruits and vegetables, fresh juices and smoothies, deli salads and dips, and shellfish.

Produced by Cody Ward, Taylor Bishop, and Taylor Livengood.