by: taryn F, Stephanie C, and Nikki R

Texas Red Oak

  The Texas Red Oak can grow up to 60-80 feet tall and has a fast growth rate. It grows in a humid continental climate in Eastern North America. It can live as long as up to 200 years. Its leaves can be up to 4-8 inches long and 3-6 inches wide. The upper surface is a paler green with tufts of hairs where veins connnect. The flower is not showy and the fruit is about 1 inch long and 1/2- 1 inch wide, rounded slightly flattened, set in a shallow cup. For a Texas red oak to reproduce nature must over see the process of pollenation, fertalization and the dispersal of seeds. Oak tree reproduction happens in between spring and autumn. To plant a red oak you need to place them in a well-draining soils, and prefer north, east, or northeastern exposure. The roots have to be planted right or else the tree may not grow to its potential. For the tree to grow you need to grow you need to put it in well-draining soils, sun exposure, and keep damp soil. Red oaks survive under certain temperatures. Some dependent animals on a red oak are grey squirrels, birds, wood peckers, and mice.  A limiting factor for a red oak is if it was sitting on a hill and it was raining outide the water that is running down the hill wont get into the soil very well. The pest include oakwilt; otherwise there is nothing serious. Abiotic factors it needs to survive is sun, and water. A short term effect is birds nesting in the trees. Long term effects is when the tree gets bigger it will produce more acrons which will grow more trees.

Live Oak

 The live oak can grow up to 40-80 feet tall and has a slow to moderate growth rat 1/4" per year. The live oak likes the humid climate with a life span of up to 200 years. For a live oak to reproduce it must be during spring or autmn. The acorns turn into trees when they are planted properly. To grow a live oak you plant the acorns that the tree produced , nuture acorns into seedlings, set outside during the day time until reacher 5-6 inches. Some animals that are dependent to the tree is chipmunks. Parasites on the tree is scales and oakworms. Mostly found in Southern areas and Coastal areas likes sun and water.

White Cedar

 common name: white cedarGrowth rate:1-2 feet per year Full height:12-16 feetHow long will it live:700 yearsClimate in greatest region:Grows best in north eastern areaLeaves: Their leaves are a dull greenish/brownish color.The branches starts close to the ground and give the tree a pyramidDoes it produce fruit or flowers? It produces cones(Juniper Berries)Reproduction methods:when the cones fall on the ground they could get buried  in the ground and plant a new white cedar tree.How to grow it in your backyard? Let the seed sit in a cup of water mixed with viniger(this will help it grow faster)for 48 hours. Then look for a flat peice of land with lots of sun. Make sure the soil is damp. Put the seed in the durt. Fertilize your white cedaronce a year with a time-release fertilizer(especially mde for evergreen trees).Orginizms dependent on the tree:Birds,Mice, racoons, chipmonksParasites:beetles,miteswhat prevents it from growing:humans,parasites,temeraturepossible adaptation: Northern hemisphere(northern american and southern canada)what abiotic factors does it need to survive:water,decomposers,sunlong term effect; when the tree grows we will no longer be able to see the plant behind the school, because the trees will be very big.short term effect: it will drop cones to make more beautiful trees.