Bill of Rights


Amendment One

If one is to have their cells used in the lab, they and their family must give approval.

Explanation: This amendment is necessary because when you die, you get to choose what you want to do with your body, you can dedicate it to science, be an organ doner, be cremated, or buried. If you die and your cells are used in a lab, then it is unfair to you and your family. You have the right to your body and without this particular law, you would not. This law is about respect, if you were put into a lab, you would not have any.

Amendment Two

Any patient who gives cells is to receive a profit of any type of income.

Explanation: If you give cells to a lab, and pharmacies, scientists, or doctors receive income, you or your family is to receive at least 20% of the income. If you were to give your cells for research and make no profit, it would be unfair if you got no money. None of the income would happen if you did not give your cells. This particular rule does not protect many rules, but it protects the right of fairness. If you were not to receive any income, it would be unfair that everybody else was getting money from you. It would be especially unfair if your race came into play, everybody is equal. No matter who you are, you are to receive income.

Amendment Three

If cells are given for research, the family is to receive privacy.

Explanation: This law is put into place for many reasons, one of them being safety. If a great discovery were to be made, the find would go on the news, internet, and social media. This would uncover many facts about the family of the individual. You would not want everybody in America knowing your names, where you live, and private information like that. Another reason for this law would be the lack of ability to get anything done in the family. If you were now famous for a discovery, you would not be able to go to the store without being recognized and asked questions! This law protects your privacy and safety.

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Amendment Four

While cells are in use, the family and patient is to know exactly what the cells are being used for, and how they are being used.

Explanation: The law is put into place because you need to know what your body is being used for. You could be told your cells were being used for research in disease when really they were being used for the affects of missiles, and bombs. This would be a problem because this is not what you would want to do with your body, it has to be fair to you and your family. You would be given updates on what was happening and why. This is protecting your right to knowledge and awareness.

Wrap Up

All of the laws above protect your right as a free American. To have the right to freedom, and without these laws above, you would not have full freedom. These laws are established to be fair to individuals and their families. After reading the laws, think about if you were the patient giving your cells. Would you want people to take your cells without permission? Read these in the other person's shoes, would these make things fair?