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From the Desk of the Junior/Senior High School Principal

The Power of Caring

This past week was a busy one. Between FFA week, NEKL for Middle School Boys Basketball, amid the usual amount of chaos that is the life of a high school administrator, there is so much to talk about. What I want to focus on is how much people at this school care. That caring doesn't just come from inside the school in the form of teachers, staff, and students. It also comes in the form of our community. From the professional organizations like the Cobra Backers, the PTO, or the Alumni Association, to parents and businesses helping out wherever they can. This school is the most caring school I have ever seen. I can't go to a game without having twenty conversations with people about different ways they want to help.

A major example comes from our own kitchen staff this past week. None of them have any direct ties to the Honor Flight program. They just wanted to help. In doing this, they decided to combine their baking prowess in the form of selling cinnamon rolls and pies. I sent my honor flight students out into the wild with the mission of taking orders from the community and they came back with a nigh unto endless list of orders. Because she wanted to make sure our patrons got fresh rolls, Laura made a point of making all of the rolls Monday and Tuesday this week so fresh rolls could be delivered on Tuesday night. In doing this, the ladies in the kitchen worked long hours Monday and Tuesday to make this happen. All of this was off the clock just for the love of the school. In two days they rolled out 140 dozen rolls. Thats 1680 delicious spirals of delicious. Our honor flight students came in on their down time to help wherever they could. In addition to the rolls, Carrie baked 62 pies for delivery on her own time as well. These ladies weren't asked to do this, they wanted to do this. They care about Jackson Heights and the Honor Flight program so much that they worked themselves far beyond the level that they should have in order to support our community. All in all, their efforts raised right at $5,000 for the program.

That is one example of how much people around this whole community cares about how successful we are. I am incredibly proud of everyone that wears the green and gold around here. When I see someone wearing those colors, I know it's someone that will give their all for this school. I thank you all so much for everything you do every day.

Keep on making a difference.

Derek E. Smith

JR/SR High Events This Week: Feb 27-March 4


Boys HS Basketball Sub-State Vs Horton @ Horton 7:00 pm

Ms Scholars Bowl @ McLouth 4:00 pm


Girls HS Basketball Sub-State Vs Horton @ Home 7:00 pm

ACT: Juniors AM


FFA Selection day @ Valley Heights


Boys Hs Basketball Sub-State Vs TBD @ Horton TBD (Tentative)

MS Scholars Bowl @ Home 4:00 pm

Friday: End of 3rd Quarter

Girls HS Basketball Sub-State Vs TBD @ Horton TBD (Tentative)


High School Basketball Sub-State Finals @ Horton TBD (Tentative)

Forensics @ ACCHS 8:00 am

Honor Flight

We are still taking applicants for the Honor Flight trip that we will be taking this June. If you know someone that wants to go, they just need to either contact us for an application or go to this website to download it.

If you would like to donate to the honor flight program at JH, you can do so here

Derek E. Smith

Participating in FFA week this past week reminded me of some of the military events we would do to have fun back in the day. As a fire fighter, one week always looked forward to was fire fighter week which was always in early October. We would do base wide competitions between units in an olympic fashion. The only downside was that Fire Fighters were never allowed to compete. When I was deployed to Abu Dhabi, I was technically deployed as the post master so I was able to talk my Chief into allowing me to compete. The only way they would let me do it was if I assembled a team of only women. I assembled a crack team of an office clerk, a cook, and a dental hygienist. Here is my team competing in the Fire fighter tug o war. Two teams lined up opposite each other and shot a water line at a barrel on a zip line pushing the barrel towards the other team. Which, again, I wasn't allowed to be point on. There I am holding the anchor position. Even though I had an all female team, we came in second over the whole thing and a member of my team won the individual relay (Which I wasn't allowed to run). Which proves that the right team, with the right coaching, can do anything.

Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind.