A twist on real world events with a technique of comedy.

Saturday Night Live: A Satirical Television Show

In the provided picture, there is a political figure whom is currently running for presidential candidacy named Hilary Clinton. There is another woman whom is an actress on the television show (Saturday Night Live) acting to be Hilary Clinton. The actress makes fun of everything Hilary has said, done, or proposed in her speeches during her time. She also mocks the accent in which Hilary speaks.
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This satirical cartoon portrays the fact that the media stands by violent actions and documents it rather than stopping it from happening.
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This satirical cartoon displays the technique of political figures and how they jab at each other to aim for a higher title.
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This satirical cartoon is a little bit more on the sensitive side. It is jabbing at recent global flight issues on planes that have crashed and disappeared, have had terrorist attacks, and problems such as those sorts. The 'fingers crossed' symbolizes the inner voice that wants to say "I hope we make it to our destination without a single problem or accident."
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My own take at Satire

I think it's a funny thing how America makes unhealthier items, such as fast food and such, cheaper in price than the healthier materials. For example, you can buy a 44 oz fountain soft drink from an amusement park or carnival for $2.00 or you can buy a 14 oz bottle of water for $2.50. It's like you have to pay more to live a healthy life, and it is easier to be unhealthy than it is to be healthy.