State Facts



Capital: Tallahassee

Nickname: The sunshine state

Date of state hood: March 3,1845

State flower: orange blossom

State bird: Northern mockingbird

State tree: Cabbage palmetto

3 interesting facts: There is more than 30,000 lakes in Florida The Annual Mug race of Florida was the longest sailboat race in the world,and the worlds deepest freshwater is near Tallahassee.

3 tourist attractions: The beach in Florida. Kennedy space center,and Disney World are all popular in Florida.


Capital: Helena

Nickname: Big Sky Country

Date of state hood: November 8,1889

State flower: Bitter root

State bird: Western Meadowlark

State tree: Pines Ponderer

3 interesting facts: Montana means mountain in Spanish.The worlds shortest river is in Montana. Highest point in Montana is Great Peak at 3901 meters.

3 tourist attractions: Fair Mont hot springs resort, Lone mountain ranch, and Glacier outdoor center.



Capital: Sacramento

Nickname: The Golden State

Date of statehood: September 9,1850

state flower: Escherichia California

state bird: California Quail

state tree: Redwood

3 interesting facts: There are more than 300,000 grapes grown each year, California produces more than 17 million gallons of wine each year,and Los Angela's and San Diego.

3 tourist attractions: Disney Land, Golden Gate Bridge, and Hollywood.

By: Chastity Stephenson