By Brianna T, Sydney S, Aiko P, Geoff S

What are Hallucinogens and What are Some Other Forms/Names for Them?

Hallucinogens are a category of drugs that have no medical use and cause people to have hallucinations hence the name. They can be divided into two categories: Classic Hallucinogens and Dissociative Drugs. The different forms they come in are tablets and impregnated paper which is just drugs sandwiched between two papers similar to tea bags. Some other names for hallucinogens are mind candy, blotter, shrooms, cubes, and doses.

How is it Made and Used?

Hallucinogens are either made with plants and/or fungi or they are synthetically produced. They are typically consumed through the mouth via pill, paper, or liquid.
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Short and Long Term Effects.

Short Terms Effects:
- Feelings of euphoria
- Blurred vision
- Dizziness
- Increased breathing rate
- Numbness
- Difficulty thinking, disorganized thoughts

Long Term Effects:
The only long term effect mention are flashbacks. A flashback is a re-experience of a previous trip you had which can be trigger through more drug use of any kind, stress, fatigue, or physical exercise.

Legal Consequences and Treaments for Addiction.

Since Hallucinogens are not used medically they are highly dangerous and can easily be abused. Not to mention the sentencing and fines are a lot more. If you are caught distributing over 10 grams of LSD someone can be thrown in jail for life and/or have a four million dollar fine. Person use of the drug can cost you thousands of dollars in fines as well as 2 years in jail.
This drug can be addictive as well. If someone is addicted to any kind of hallucinogens it would be a good idea to get them to a therapist or a rehab center. Another treatment is having them join a support group.
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Facts and Stories About Hallucinogens.

Some fact about hallucinogens are:
- 1.3 million people above 11 have used hallucinogens regularly. It is said that most hallucinogens are used by the youth.
- In the 50's and 60's the U.S government tested acid on people without their knowledge. The reason for this was to better understand the drugs agents believed the soviet union used to brainwash captured Americans. This was known as the MK - Ultra Project. This was a very infamous and cruel project run by the U.S CIA.
- Major League's baseball's Dock Ellis pitched a no-hitter while tripping on LSD back in 1970.

An interesting story the involves a hallucinogen, specifically shrooms, is about a man who had jumped off a cliff while tripping. It starts out with the man smoking some shrooms, about 5 grams worth of it, at his home. As the trip went on he said that he started hearing millions of conversations going on through his head that were saying things like "I don't belong in the society" or "What am I doing with my life?". So what he decides to do is call up his friend and have him meet within the mountains near his place. While he spoke to the friend about what was going on he was starting to walk towards the cliff. He kept talking and talking until he eventually just jumped.

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