I Am Legend

Book Vs. Movie

Book Vs. Movie

This presentation is comparing the book "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson with 317 pages and the movie "I Am Legend" directed by Francis Lawrence with a screenplay time of an hour and forty minutes.

Book > Movie

Reading "I Am Legend" and watching it felt like two totally different things. Reading it had a lot more information. The things that threw me off was how different the plot was and the settings. The book was in Las Angeles while the movie in New York. While they both played doctors the movie Robert had a companion while and there were other humans while Robert in the book was completely alone, no other humans left. Also the way the enemies were portrayed were different, the movie having super humans called Darkseekers.


The theme or message that impacts me the most on the work is the theme I understood from the movie, "When its quiet listen, there are things that can give guidance in their time of need" the reason I chose this was because Anna talks about God and that the world is quieter now, then as they are about to do he listens for a moment and hears his daughter's words guiding towards the right path saving human kind.

Circles have no points.


The end of the book and movie are what I'm going to talk about. Which is actually same in some ways but different in many others. The one thing that is similar was how he died in both he ended up being cornered and killing himself. In different ways though in the book he takes a pill and the movie he runs into an angry horde of the Darkseekers with a grenade killing himself and many of the Darkseekers including their alpha male. His motives were also different being in the movie, he had found a way to cure the disease and knew that the alpha male wanted him because he took the alpha female. At this time he hears his daughter Marley's words "look daddy its a butterfly" he then looks down and sees a butterfly on Anna's neck he then believes that is why she was here and sends her away with the cure. In the book he meets Ruth who is am "evolved" vampire and can walk in the sun for short times who spies on Robert inside of his house with him who when he finds out she is an infected she knocks him out and leaves a letter saying her "New Society" was more than likely going to try to capture and that he should leave but he stays and gets captured. When hes in the cell Ruth comes in and gives him a pill to take that will "ease the pain". he takes this and dies. Never finding the cure.


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