3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending January 15, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Adams

Math test - Next Friday will be our math test on area and perimeter. We will be reviewing on Wednesday and Thursday, so they will bring home their in-class review to practice. They will also have homework to help them prepare for the test.

Tissues - We are running low on tissues and could use more, especially during the winter with all the runny noses! Thank you!

Upcoming Dates

1/18 School Closed, MLK Day

1/20 School Community Meeting, 10 AM, APR

1/26 Salad Bar Lunch

1/29 School Store during lunch

Area using Hallway Tiles

by Audrey and Mikaela

Do you know how to find area the fast way? The "Mikaela and Audrey" way? Well here's the place to learn! First, lets say you have a rectangle. The easy way is to count the squares inside. If you want to be fast like us, let's say the rectangle is 5 inches by 2 inches. The way to find out the area is length times width. That is 10, so basically 5 x 2 = 10. But if you didn't get 5 by 2, count all the squares just to be sure. Just be sure you are not doing perimeter (adding all the sides together).

Let's say a 5 by 2 rectangle also has a rectangle next to it. Put a line in the middle of it so it splits into two rectangles. First you find the area of the first one (5 x 2 = 10). Then you find the area of the next one. Say it's a 1 by 2. So 1 x 2 = 2. Then you add the two areas together, so 10 + 2 = 12. That means the area of the rectilinear shape is 12 square units. It is going to get harder and there are not always going to be squares inside to count. That's what you do the "Mikaela and Audrey's famous fast way!"

(Below are pictures of the kids in the hallway finding the area of our square tiles)

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Big image
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Writing: Finding Good Hooks in Magazines

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by Maddie and Gigi

Have you ever heard about a hook because Ranger Rick has some good ones. In writing this week, we searched in some Ranger Rick magazines to find hooks. We split into groups and picked our magazines and then found some good hooks! We got post-its and wrote what it was. After we picked some good hooks, we went to the front of the classroom and shared the hooks that we found. Everyone found some good hooks!

After, we went into our own writing and tried some of our own good hooks. Ranger Rick magazines are great. Now we want those Ranger Rick magazines!

(Below are pictures of the kids looking through the Ranger Rick magazines)

Chemistry: Hidden Objects

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by Brady and Owen

Do you know what chemistry is? We do! Chemistry is science and the study of chemicals. In chemistry you mix and figure out chemicals. This week, we got a bag with white powder in it and had to observe it. Then we mixed it with water and it turned into a type of dough. We observed what it was and wrote what we thought it might be. We also got these paper bags and tried to figure out what was in them. We had to write the properties of the things in the paper bags. Examples of properties are hard, soft, squishy, holey, smell, and taste (which we did not do!) Chemistry is really fun!

(Below are pictures of the kids guessing the mystery bags)

Fact vs. Opinion

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by Grayson and Dominic

Facts are things you can prove. They are something you can find out in a book, Google, or an information book. Opinions are how someone feels inside. Opinion words are like great, good, and awesome. There are other opinion words like awful, stinky, not good. Opinion words are something you can't prove. People have different opinions about different things. Like say someone said "I like this football team" or "I don't like this football team". Those are opinions. Opinions are surrounding you and they are everywhere. Everybody likes their own things, everybody likes their own holiday. You can't say that you have to like this because everyone likes their own things. Learning about facts and opinions was awesome.

(Below are pictures of the kids finding facts and opinions in a short story)

"Gram" Slam Plural Nouns

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by Kat and Maya

Introducing our Star Student... Ryka!