Unit 3 and 4 Info.

Elementary School Visit, S'more Impact Awards & What's Next

Unit 3 Beliefs, Presentations & Portfolios

It has been fun reading "This I Believe" essays and listening to original Children's Books! This unit always excites great thinking and connections to so many of the great reasons we write and read. Your student has had four big assessments for this Unit: essay, book (presentation and content) and portfolio reflection. Please be on the lookout within this and next week for grades for each of these tests/ projects.

Some Pictures from our Elementary School Visit

Smore Impact Awards

Throughout our class Children's Book presentations, students voted for the book and presentation they found most impactful. Those students whose book received the most impact votes received a 1st, 2nd and Honorable Mention Smore Impact award! Here are the student choices!

Unit 4 Has Already Begun!

For this Unit, we have three standards. To paraphrase these standards, we will use the classic A Christmas Carol to analyze plot development, compare and contrast the audio-visual versions to the text, and uncover deeper context clue understanding. We will commence our work with parts of speech as well to consider subjects and predicates before the midterm exam.

Wow! We will be working hard for the next three weeks! If your student needs extra help, they are welcome to stay after school with me on Mondays till 4:30. Please let me know they will be staying ahead of time. Thank you.