2014 Honda CBR650F

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Al Lamb's Dallas Honda, 2014 Honda CBR650F

Both innovative and practical, this supersport motorcycle is a truly fun ride at a great price. It’s what Honda does like no one else. The CBR650F is as nimble as it gets, a key strong point of the 600 class. Powerful brakes for reliable stopping power performance and a Twin-Spar-style steel frame are the basis for the street motorcycle’s impeccable handling, while making it versatile. The CBR650F is the perfect ride on your weekday commute, weekend sport adventure, long trips, short hauls, solo or with a passenger. It’s like having two or three bikes for the price of one.

Built around a smooth, inline-four 649cc engine specifically tuned for low-to-midrange torque, the CBR650F has a powerband capable of satisfying a very diverse range of riding styles. The four-cylinder design makes it smoother, while revving faster than most twin engines. With its six-speed engine, the street motorcycle offers nearly seamless shifts and more gear ratios to match your desired riding experience. And the CBR650F doesn’t scrimp in the brakes department either. Dual 320mm front discs complement the 240mm hydraulic disc at the rear for plenty of stopping power under a range of operations.

The CBR650F is the most fun you’ll have on a sportbike motorcycle. Its high performance and rider-friendly ergonomics will keep you excited throughout your ride. Clip-on handlebars are an essential part of supersport motorcycles and for the CBR650F, they put you in a riding position that’s both sporty and comfortable for longer trips. A digital LCD instrument display keeps everything clearly visible, night or day, with all the information you need for weekend adventures and short commutes. The street motorcycle doesn’t fall short on modern styling either. Its supersport-style front cowl offers the right amount of bodywork to cut the wind blast and give it a truly cool look.