Indoor Pollution

By Kyle Bloch

Indoor Pollution

Indoor Pollution can be found all over your house. To the smallest things to the biggest things found in your household. Even pets can cause Indoor Pollution to your house. And of course smoking can cause Indoor Pollution than most of any of the other ways of causing Indoor Pollution. Plus to see what part of the body does indoor pollution effect the most. And to help decrease sickness or cancer.
Indoor Air Pollution

Three things

It's very easy to produce indoor pollution because it can be the littlest things in our house that cause indoor pollution. The effects can be really served like lung cancer to fevers and colds. Preventing indoor pollution is not hard all you have to do is clean your house at least twice a week with your family with health cleaning products. And wash you pet to keep dander off them cause pets are around little ones and we don't want them to get sick.

Ending indoor pollution

If you can remember the number one cause of indoor pollution is smoking. If you live in a house that people smoke in has a greater chance of getting lung cancer. But even if you don't have any people smoking at your house there are many other ways of getting sick of indoor pollution. The main effect of indoor pollution in our bodies is our lungs and decrease our breathing ability. If every kid at home help there parents clean the house at least twice a week with healthy cleaning products we than could decrease indoor pollution sickness and live in a safer environment.
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