Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

Feb. 2, 2017

What is going on?

Writing: Writing: Students will continue to learn about idioms and that some words and phrases have literal and nonliteral meaning. We will learn about acrostic poems and practice writing our own. For the remainder of the week, students will get to practice writing their favorite type of poems from the following list: repetition poems, rhyming poems, shape, concrete poems, sensory poems and acrostic.

Spelling Words: between, drink,giving, left, part, ran, start, way

Reading: : We will continue to explore the genre of poetry. We will describe how rhyme, rhythm, and repetition interact to create images in poetry as well as how poets use sensory language to communicate meaning. Our last week of poetry study we will be looking at the topic of a poem and answering comprehension questions on a variety of poems.

Math: This week, we will continue our unit on measurement. Students will practice estimating and measuring the length of objects using both the standard and metric systems. They will then compare the inverse relationship between the size of the unit and the number of units needed to equal the length of an object.

Social Studies: Now that we are geographers, we will learn about the different landforms on maps like the oceans, continents, deserts, mountains, etc. Students will identify the characteristics of different communities, including urban, suburban, and rural, and how they affect activities and settlement patterns.

This and That-

Feb 1st Starting midyear reading assessments-

Feb. 5th Book Orders due

Feb. 14- Valentine’s Day-

Feb. 17th K-2 Assembly

Feb. 20- Student Holiday

Feb. 22nd Six Flags logs and Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages due- Please do this, it is a class goal-

March 13-17- Spring Break

Valentines Party:

As you know the Valentine's Party is low key this year. Please have students send in a gift bag to contain their Valentine cards. This takes place of "the box." I would prefer to have the name section blank and the kids just distribute and write From: __________

But, I understand if your little dahling wants a certain Valentine to go to a certain is the list of names.

Daniyal, Siya, Meghana C, Meghana M, Ved, Arthur, Varun, Aleeza, Ben, Lahari, Sona, Delia, Amber, Roman, Eshal, John, Saathvik, Evan, Noah

Please send back to school the saving fundraiser packets- if you are not going to purchase. We have to turn them back into the office. Thank you for sending them back soon!

As you know, we have made it a class goal for everyone to participate in the Six Flags reading program. These kids have turned in their forms early! Yeah hoo!

Eshal and Roman! Way to go! You are going to Six Flags!

Have a good weekend!