Gluten Free Awareness Month

Learn How to Fight Childhood Obesity By Eliminating Gluten

Gluten Intolerance / Gluten Sensitivity Can Lead to Autism in Children Age 3-12

Current research show that children with autism have increased immune intolerance to gluten, but the mechanism of this increased and appears to be distinct from that involved with celiac disease. Gluten effecting more between 6 % and 7% of US population. One in 133 people have celiac disease a genetic condition resulting in intestinal damage whenever they ingest gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Over 190 different symptoms can effect people health, and celiac is one of them.

Be Aware Of Your Blood Type will Improve Your Health.

Different blood types mean different body chemistry. Many people who started eating according to their blood types reported dramatic results within 8 - 10 weeks.

Attributed to the fact people are giving up refined and processed foods, which is recommended for all types. We have couple testimonials we would be sharing with our clients in the month of February 2014. It's amazing what this diet can do to your health.

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