Dr.Boron The Element Villian

By Calli James Genest

History of Boron.

  • Discovered in 1808 by french chemists named Joseph L.Gay Lussal and L.J Thernard
  • Name means white
  • Solid form is black powder
  • Discovered while heating borax and potassium


  • Metalloid
  • Almost impossible to obtain
  • Used in rockets as a ingniter
  • Shield for nucleus radiation
  • Cleaning flux in welding
  • In instruments to detect neutrons

Element Information

  • Atomic number=5
  • Element name=Boron
  • Element symbol=B
  • Atomic mass=10.811
  • Protons=5
  • Neutrons=6
  • Electrons=5

Dr.Boron's Powers

  • Flies
  • Can shoot fire out of hands and feet
  • Suit is black as night
  • Heat reistance power shield
  • Can become a black powder that is explosive
  • Has a nucleus gun
  • In the night is invisible to all creatures exept to cats

Dr.Boron's Weaknesses

  • Ice
  • Water
  • Cats
  • Cold Weather
  • Captain Lithium