John Wilkes Booth

Made By: Kallie Molacek

About Him.

John Wilkes killed Lincoln Abraham. John was a well known stage actor, Confederate sympathizer. He originally had planned a kidnapping of Lincoln; planned track for captured confederate troops. When the war was lost the new plan became assassination. He planned assassination of President Lincoln, Vice President Johnson, and Sec. of state Seward. He believed if he did this he could get the south to rise again.

Information on the assassination.

It was at Exterior of fords Theater, Booth left his horse in the back of the Theater. Most of the people knew booth so he had free range. The guard at Lincoln's post just left and booth went in and shoot him. Many people thought it was part of the play. But when the first lady screamed they realized that it wasn't. Booth trys to escape and he stabs Rathbone. He jumps to stage and shouts soc sampras Tyrannis. He breaks his leg from the jump. Booth gets on his horse and heads out of D.C. He gets stopped at the city line and convinces the guards to let him by. He goes to an inn owned by Mary Surrat.

Presidents Condition

Young Doctor in Audience rushes to presidents side. Knew it was a grave injury. soldiers carry president out of theater. Was declared that the wound was grave. Bedside watch throughout the night. President Lincoln died at 7:22 am the next day.

Booth ran away

Booth seeks Dr. Mudd, who sets his leg. Spends the night at Mudds, once Mudd hears news order him to leave. So Booth goes to cox house. He stayed there for 5 days in trees waiting until it was safe to cross potomac. Booth makes it to Richard Garretts farm in bowling green virigina. He hide inside the barn. They set the barn on fire to get him out. While trying to call Booth out, young sat. shoots Booth. Booth gets carried to a porch where he dies April 26.

President Lincolns day he was shoot.

Lincoln gives a speech April 11th, from white house, lays out his plans for reconstruction and mentions black suffer-age. Army officer Henry Rathbone and his fiance Clara Harris Grants did not go. At 10:15 John Wilkes Booth shoots Lincoln April 14th, 1865 at Fords Theater in Washington D.C.

The new President.

Since Booth killed President Lincoln. Vice President Andrew Johnson becomes president. He had been selected to run with Lincoln in 1864 when Lincoln ran for election; replaced Hannibal Hamlin.