Save the Dates!!

Corn Roast and Labor Day Parade

Mark Your Calendars!

Corn Roast Saturday, August 4 11 AM - 4 PM. You will probably sign up for 2 hour shifts. Great opportunity for Confirmation service projects!! More info to come!

Labor Day Parade Monday, September 3 Time to be announced later. The band will be marching in the parade. We will have 2 flag bearers, one for the American flag and one for the Christian flag. We will need 2 NJHS members to carry the NJHS banner as well!

(Learning to attach photos. One step at a time! Soon can have photos of you all!)

Decorah Eagles, Decorah, Iowa Wonderful National Symbol!

NJHS Banner Carriers

Some of you may be marching in the band. However, we will need 2 NJHS members to carry the NJHS Banner in the parade. If you would like to carry the banner, please let me know! We will also need help handing out bottled waters and Christian "pennies."

Please wear your new NJHS t-shirt. if you are not in band! Does the band have their own t-shirts? If they do and you are marching in the band, then by all means wear the band t-shirt!

Look for more information to come!

Call or Email Me!

If you can help with one or both of these, please let me know!

Wear your new t-shirts to both events! Thank you1

Hope you are having a GREAT summer! Stay cool! Stay dry...unless you are in a pool or lake! :)