Water Uses

Should there be restrictions to conserve water

Background Information

Water use has been a major issue for hundreds of years. A great example of water usage being a problem is right here in California. As many of you know, Northern California has all the rivers, lakes and mountains. Whereas Southern California is very dry, and a lot of Southern California is made up of the Mojave Desert. If there were conservation laws then we can meet the demand for water throughout the state.


Yes, Governments should adapt better water conservation policies.

If governments adapted better water conservation policies, cleaner water could be provided to poor counties. 2-5 million people die a year because of polluted water illnesses. For example in Ethiopia the water people can get are usually miles and miles away from their villages, and the water is contaminated with bugs, poop, and dirt which can lead to disease. It's sad that millions of people die from not having any clean water.

If governments were to adapt better water conservation policies we could...

  • Provide clean water to people that don't have access to it.
  • Meet the peoples demands for water
  • Prevent drought


No, water conservation should be up to who needs it.

Water conservation laws should not take affect because it would cost too much money to make plans or to get water to where it is needed.

  • It would be too expensive to get water to were it is needed
  • People are responsible for their own water needs
  • Raising demand for water which means it is becoming more expensive

Drought video.

This video shows how drought effect different areas. If there were laws to get water places it would lower the rate of drought throughout the world.

Created by Ted Fleming and John Fischer