Social Skills Groups for ASD

How to help your students become more successful in Gen Ed.


  • Do you have students on the autism spectrum that struggle with social skills?
  • Do the students have trouble making and keeping friends?
  • Are there things you think they "should know" about interacting in your classroom?
  • Do you worry that your student may be bullied or discriminated against because of trouble with social skills?

Social skills CAN be taught and increase success for all students with and without autism.

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How to Structure a Lesson

  1. Introduction/warm up
  2. Share the topic/focus skill
  3. Provide opportunities for practice
  4. Adult coaches and prompts as students practice
  5. Adults and peers provide feedback and encourage problem solving
  6. End with free time or a snack to positively reinforce participation

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2-8 students per group

4-12 year olds in a variety of settings

Adult Facilitator

Social Skills Training: Taking Turns Speaking

Final Reflections:

How are social skills training groups different from peer-mediated instruction?

Why are social skills groups important for children with ASD?