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Federal Government

What Jobs are there in the Federal Government

The Jobs in the Federal Government are:


-Prime Minister

-Opposition Leader

-Minister of Defence

-Minister of health

-Minister of Education



-Shadow Minister

How would you describe the job?

Treasurer-This is one of the most important jobs as you plan budgets for the year. You would be making sure the club or society never fall apart as well as ensuring the accounts have the funds through membership, grant and sponsorship.

Prime minister-The prime ministers job is a really difficult job because the prime minister is supposed to take care of the entire nation (Australia). The Prime Minister attends meetings that can improve our society.

Opposition leader-In community work, there's almost always someone opposed to whatever it is you're doing. Even if your goal is something everyone can agree on, there will be those who disagree with your methods for achieving it. When your opposition starts fighting your efforts, it's best to be familiar with what tactics they might use to do so and how your group might most effectively respond.