"Rudy":Fighting against adversity

By: Jihad C


In the movie Rudy, a boy named Rudy was not only criticized by people in his family but, he was also told by everybody that he wouldn't get into Notre Dame to play football for them. After a while he decided that he was going to do anything that it took to get there. So the first thing that he did when he got older was that he went to school at a church. The second thing that he did was he went to the pastor and ask him about what he could do to get into Notre Dame. The pastor ended up telling him that in order to get there he needed to get his grades up. Once Rudy understood what he had to do he then started studying a lot more, and began to get better grades. Once Rudy got his grades to stay up, he was soon able to go to the college of Notre Dame. After he got there he first went and signed up to help out for the football team, making helmets and things like that. Soon after years of waiting Rudy was finally able to try out for the football team that he dreamed of being on. Turns out that he was able to make the team, and he was so happy. Now he had to work on getting to dress for one of the games during the season. For about 3 or so months he kept constantly checking the dress list to see if he would be able to play. After dealing with frustration and anger for so long, he decided to quit. Then later the whole team decided that it wouldn't be right if Rudy didn't dress in there spot. Later in life Rudy found out that he was finally going to live his dream and play for the Irish.


Rudy was not only small but he also had a lot of guts. Everyday people would tell him that he wasn't big enough, or strong enough. But that didn't stop him from living his dream as far as getting to play football for the Irish. When he go excepted to Notre Dame, he did the following: got there and started looking for some work so he can try out for the football team. Next he started studying, and preparing for what was about to come. Soon he tried out and luckily made the team. For the first season he wasn't able to dress for a game, but after that he was. When he found out that he was going to be able to play, he let all of his family members know, and they too were very excited. When the game was about to start Rudy's team told him to lead them into the field. Once they were out onto the field they then started the game. For most of the whole game Rudy was still stuck on the sideline just watching. Soon when there were 30 or so seconds left or so, the whole entire crowd including the team started shouting out RUDY so he could finally play in the game. So then finally when there were about 7 seconds left in the game, he finally went in the game! Then finally the quarterback hiked the ball and Rudy ran towards the quarterback and sacked him. Therefor the Notre Dame Irish won the game, and he got carried off of the field


Due to Rudy being criticized and told that he was never good enough made him do what ever he could to prove them to be wrong. And after years and years of dealing with that, he was finally able to show his family that he was going to live his dream. And Rudy was able to finally show his dad that he is not the skinny little kid that he always thought he was. And Rudy was finally able to play a football game for the college he was dreaming to go to since he was a little kid.

Comparing and contrasting

Rudy is different from his dad because he not only is one of the youngest but he is also one of the few kids that they thought wasn't the toughest. He wanted to live his life playing football for the Irish, and he finally was soon able to do that. Yes he and his dad both faced a sad time in their lives due to Rudy's best friend dying from a fire. His dad on the other hand doubted all of Rudy's ability to do anything, and he just thought that he wasn't good enough. Luckily he finally realized that all of that stuff that he was thinking about turned out to be a lie.