The most magical magnetizing element you'll ever need!

Come one come all and hear the wonders of cobalt

Cobalt is a transition metal element discovered by Georg Brandt a Swedish chemist in 1739. It's name is the combination of the German word kobald which means goblin or evil spirit and the Greek word cobalos which means mine. It can be used for all sorts of industrial things such as making magnets, jet turbine generators, electroplating, and even coloring things! This is because Cobalt like some other elements is considered a Super alloy! Super-alloys are able to do all the hard work while resisting rust and keeping their properties even at high temperatures. That gives Cobalt a lot of use in the business world.


Atomic Number: 27

Symbol: Co

Atomic Mass: 58.93

Cost: 100 g = $21

Some great examples of Cobalt in use

Why get Gold when it takes a whole 431 degrees Celsius more to melt Cobalt

James Alexander Byng, Ms. Mason, 4A