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Creativity is THE best medicine!

Artist/Coach Annelies aims to inspire and feed your soul. She'll teach you how to see life differently and remember how to play again. A little (or a lot) intimidated by creativity? Come as you are! Curious creatives, beginners and seasoned artists are welcome! Discover that creativity really is good for you!

Learn new techniques for perspective and insight, leadership and resilience, deepen connection, and rejuvenate in the presence of imagination. Easy, peaceful, beautiful. Join us. These are magical experiences designed to change your life! Custom group experiences to suite corporate needs are available and welcomed.

Upcoming Retreat Experiences

Annelies' Creativity Retreats are immersive experiences designed to help you reach specific goals or outcomes and often include mindfulness practices, collaborative conversations, solo insights and creative activities. Some retreats are a few hours long and local to Raleigh with a virtual component while others are weekend events or destination adventures. Custom group experiences are welcomed. There's always something good happening! Here's what' next!

Raleigh Art Walks with Annelies & Greg

Gather 12+ people for a custom creative experience!

Future Self Letter Writing Workshop, In-person & Virtual

Sunday January 2, 2022



Vision Board Soirée, In-person & Virtual

Saturday January 15, 2022



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Mindfulness Moment with Annelies

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