Adventures in Mrs. Tuckett's Class

Newsletter for May 10-15

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Funny Kindergarten Story of the Week--Too Much Glue

I was helping the kids make their mothers day presents by demonstrating how to glue a fancy paper to a notepad. “Now I know you’re going to say ‘Whoa, Mrs. Tuckett, That’s too much glue.’ But you’re going to need this much glue.” I said while applying a generous amount of sticky white glue.

“WHOA! Mrs. Tuckett! What are you doing!?” Exclaimed Nate. “That’s too much glue! You’re a teacher! You should know better!”

Return your Please Library and Baggie Books to the School

Next Week May 10-15

The Last week of kindergarten! This week we will have a lot of fun! We will continue our step up to 1st grade math unit and review our sight words. Tuesday is Field Day, and Thursday is Water Day! Friday is Graduation.

Anyone is welcome to come to Graduation which will be held in the Jr. High Auditorium at 12:00 Friday. Expect to hear 8 song (1 from each class, and 3 grade wide songs) and watch your child walk across the stage. The ceremony starts at 11:45, followed by an optional reception with treats. Please be prepared to take your child after the reception. You will not be allowed to take your child until you go back to the classroom. Please do Not send backpacks on Friday.

Snack this week: No one NO Show and Tell This Week

Upcoming Events

  • May 12- Field Day 12:15- 2:45 Kindergarten Building

  • May 14-Water Day 12:15-2:45 Kindergarten Building

  • May 15-Kindergarten Graduation at 12:00 in Jr. High Auditorium

Play Unplugged Summer Program

Click here for more information on Miss Spanish Fork's neat summer program.

Helping in the Classroom

Call, Text, Email, or send a note with your kid--I would love your help!

1. I need parent volunteers to help in the afternoon with Field and Water Day.

2. Send Packing Boxes

3. Donate Water squinters for Water Day.

Remember to log your time in Volgistics! Donations can be considered volunteering as well. $7.50 of items equals one hour in Volgistics. As a reward for completing your 40 hours of volunteering, you may complete a teacher request form for the following year! Please ask the office for more details.