BYOD and Use of Electronic Media

Policies for Students and Employees


  • Faculty and Students: All Campuses
  • Integration at Teacher Discretion
  • Use District Wifi or personal data plan
  • District Wifi is Internet content filtered
  • Secondary students receive district email account to improve collaboration (5-12)
  • No Network access to folders or printing
  • Do not store/hold devices for students

Where can I find NISD BYOD information?

Any NISD Webpage > Look for this BYOD link under any of these district links:

  • Education Resources
  • Parent links
  • Student links

Student Email Accounts

  • Secondary Students can only email other NISD students and teachers.
  • Access to Google Drive tools and cloud
  • Promotes collaboration on projects
  • Part of Technology Application TEKS
  • Email accounts are synchronized with network account. Same password.



  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • iPads
  • Notebooks/Chromebooks
  • iPods
  • Smartphones
  • eReaders

Not Allowed:

Gaming Devices like Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, etc.

School Hours for Student Use


  • Before/After School - Prior to 7:45 and after 3:45
  • In class with teacher permission
  • During Lunch with administrative discretion ONLY

NOT Allowed:

  • Between classes
  • Hallway
  • During testing


Two online FAQ lists

Google Classroom

  • Secondary Integration tool
  • Used in conjunction with student email accounts for 5th-12th gr.
  • Paperless classroom
  • Promotes collaboration

Policy DH


Unless you have written permission by the superintendent or principal, you are not allowed to communicate with students through electronic media.

Policy States...

  • A certified or licensed employee, or any other employee designated in writing by the superintendent or a campus principal MAY communicate through electronic media with students who are currently enrolled in the district.
  • All other employees are PROHIBITED from communicating with students who are enrolled in the district through electronic media.

Exception to the Policy

An employee is not subject to the following provisions...
  • The employee has an appropriate social or family relationship with a student.
  • The student is the child of an adult friend.
  • The student is a friend of the employee's child.
  • The student is a member or participant in the same civic, social, recreational, or religious organization.

APPROVED Electronic Media Used with Students

  • Text messaging *
  • Instant messaging*
  • Professional Social Media Twitter/Facebook*
  • Remind - NO Chat
  • Electronic mail (NISD email ONLY)
  • Web logs
  • Video-sharing Web sites (YouTube)
  • Landlines
  • Cell phones

*Conditions Apply

PROHIBITED Electronic Media Used with Students

  • Telecommunication web-based applications like Skype
  • Personal Social Media Twitter/Facebook
  • Instagram and other photo sharing programs
  • Electronic forums and chat rooms
  • Personal/private email accounts

Exception Requests

  • All employees who wish to incorporate approved electronic media into their classrooms must submit a Letter of Exception for administrative approval. This form requires a list of types of media to be used and reasons supporting use of this media.
  • A letter of Exception must be submitted, approved with administrative signatures, and on file at the beginning of each school year for exceptions.

Approved Employees

  • The approved employee may use any form of approved electronic media EXCEPT text or instant messaging.
  • Only a teacher, trainer, or other employee who has an extracurricular duty may use text messaging, and then ONLY to communicate with students who participate in the extracurricular activity over which the employee has responsibility.

***Texting Policy***

  • This employee shall include the parent or guardian in the text message.
  • This employee shall either include their campus administrator in the text OR
  • This employee shall screen shot the text and send a copy of the message to themselves in an email.

Professional Social Media Accounts

Twitter and Facebook

  • Accounts used in the classroom or for any other student group. team, or organization must have the administrative approval via Letter of Exception approval.
  • All posts from the account must be for educational use only.
  • The employee may not use the approved account to follow students.
  • The employee must allow administration and parents to follow the employee
  • NISD advises all personnel remove students from personal Twitter and Facebook accounts.


The employee shall limit communications to matters within the scope of the employee's professional responsibilities (e.g., for classroom teachers, matters relating to class work, homework, and tests; for an employee with an extracurricular duty, and matters relating to the extracurricular activity.

Contact Hours

The employee shall not directly communicate with any student between the hours of 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM. An employee may, however make public posts to a social media site, blog, or similar application at any time.

Exception: Communication for emergency situations during these hours for extracurricular activities will be allowed.

Privacy, Rights, and Communication

Right to Privacy

  • The employee does not have a right to privacy with respect to communications with students and parents.

Information Requests

  • Upon request from administration, an employee will provide the phone number(s), social network site(s), or other information regarding the method(s) of electronic media the employee uses to communicate with any one or more currently enrolled students.


  • Upon written request from a parent or student, the employee shall discontinue communicating with the student through email, text messaging, instant messaging, or any other form of one-to-one communication.

Who Does This Policy Impact?

  • All who access technology
  • Student Teachers - not allowed
  • Long Term Subs - semester only
  • Extra Help Employees - not allowed
  • Those who employ and supervise students through the NISD co-op program or summer maintenance programs.

Purchase Guidelines


  • No reimbursement for iTunes Cards
  • Utilize the NISD Online Form
  • Submit app request via online form to principal
  • If approved, request will be routed to technology for license purchase
  • A redemption code will be sent to the teacher
  • The teacher will download the app to the iPad by entering the code.