Matthias Grunewald

By Kendall Sanders

Who was Matthias Grunewald?

Matthias Grunewald was a German Renaissance painter of religious works who ignored renaissance classicism to continue the style of late medieval Central European art into the 16th century.

A little about Grunewald's life..

  • Grunewald was born in Wurzburg, Germany in 1470
  • in 1511, Grunewald became court artist of Uriel von Gemmingen, Archbishop of Mainz.
  • in 1512, he settled in nearby Frankfurt, where he bought a house and got married to a woman named Anna. He was only 18 when he got married. The marriage wasn't happy at all. in 1523, Anna was institutionalized for having mental illness and demonic possession.
  • After she went away Grunewald continued to work.
  • in 1525, the Peasant's war disrupted the feudal order in the main area, After the war, Grunewald settled in the protestant community of Halle. There he worked as a hydraulic engineer.
  • He died there on August 31, 1528.

Grunewald's work..

Grunewald's first datable picture is the Mocking of Christ, around 1503.

His other work includes the following:

  • Isenheim Alterpeice, 1515
  • The Stuppach Madonna, 1517- 1519.
  • Establishment of the Santa Maria Maggiare, 1517-1519.