Olympics: 4x100 Meter Relay

Alyssa Roemer


This is an article about the uprising in Olympic times for the women. Over time women have been increasing in their times for placing in first. In the future maybe the women can surpass the times of the men and rule the Olympics!

The project that I conducted gathered the times of the gold medalists for every Olympics back 40 years, 1976, and made tables for the men and women's' times. I then made them both into graphs, found the line of best fit, and then found the intersection of when the women would surpass the men.

Surprisingly, the when you graphed them it continues the graph all the way back till the end of the time, and around 1668 was when they intersected. Meaning that the women will never get better than the men and never have been because the Olympics didn't start until 1896.


The men started running 4x100 meter relays in the Olympics in 1912, while women didn't start until 1928. In 2012 both the men and women broke world records. Jamaica got a time of 36.84 for men, and USA got a time of 40.82 for the women. Some top runners of the 4x100 are Usain Bolt and Allyson Felix.


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