The Motion Of Ocean

Have you ever wondered what causes the motion of the ocean ? The motion of the ocean is caused by wind because of the stronger waves that surfaces the ocean . The wind transfer some of the energy to the water through friction of air molecules and water molecules. Which has a lot to do with ocean currents .

How Does Friction Causes Ocean Currents ?

Friction , air , and density , causes ocean currents by a gyer . A gyer is the oceangraphy in a large system rotating ocean currents . Particulary involving large wind movements .

When Does Gyers Occur ?

Gyers occur when global wind patterns and forces are created by earths rotation . You may have heard about the western / eastern boundary currents , The western currents are much faster than the eastern currents , the western currents forms on the west side of the ocean due to the western intensification , the eastern current shallows broad and slow-flowing found on the east side of the basin. The subtropical eastern boundary flow equal toward transporting cold water from high latitudes to low latitudes .

How Does Ocean Water Circulates ?

The ocean water circulates in currents , by very many counter currents , such as periodic current , which is the one for the speed and direction changes . The coastal current , flows roughly parallel to the coast outside the surf zone .

What Does Upwelling & Downwelling Have To Do With Ocean Currents ?

Up welling and down welling describes the movement of the ocean which affects both surface and deep currents . Upwelling is the movement of cold deep water to the surface mixed layer . Downwelling is the movement of surface water to deeper depths . Downwelling occurs when the surface water converge and pushing the surface water downwards .

When Does El NIno Occur ?

El Nino occur when the trade winds blow strongly westward along the equator Other winds blowing toward the equator parallel to the coast of south america .That create an upwelling and make the surface . When El Nino occurs it tremendously affect worlds weather patterns .