counting by 7s

by: Holly Goldbeg Sloan

counting by 7s book summary

counting by 7s is a book about a girl named willow and she is very smart but no one knows until she scores perfectly on a state test and is accused of cheating. her life soon changes in an instant moment and having to let go of everything was not easy. finding a new place to live is not easy either, she has no one to take care of her or show her the right path to take. she is then taken to a foster home for a short time but once she leaves her new place is where she was planted for the rest of her life.

get to know willow!

willow is not an ordinary girl with an ordinary life.

she started out with a smooth going life but it did not stay that way for long. willow was a strong independent girl. there where many tuff decisions for willow but she takes pride in them. willow is a girl who will not give up on herself or anyone around her.

will willow ever find her place back as being a regular kid?

if your lost you might need to swim against the tide.
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