Orangutans For Frost Fundraiser

2015 Robert Frost Middle School

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The Fundraiser

Orangutans for Frost is a fundraiser that centers around adopting an orangutan. We need to help these orangutans because they are being wiped out by palm oil, farming, housing, cities and more. They need your help. So if everyone in the school donated 2 dollars each, we would have about $2,400!

What Else Can You Do?

Donating to the fundraiser isn't just the only thing to do. You can try a Palm Oil free diet! A lot of everyday foods and products contain palm oil. Here are some Products that contain Palm Oil and/or Palm Oil Sugar:


-Pizza Dough

-Instant Noodles


-Ice Cream







-Packaged Bread

You can make a difference.

Source: World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)