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April 2021

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A Message from the Counselor (K-2)

I am so glad to be here with you. Looking forward to better days ahead! This New Year believe in yourself and all you can accomplish. Success is sure to come your way. Check out our upcoming lessons this month and join us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

For more information contact:

Tameka McCrae-Edgecombe, Elementary Counselor

Email: tedgecombe@georgiacyber.org

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A Message from the Counselor (3rd-5th)

I hope this year brings you all new hopes and new opportunities. Fill this New Year with great memories, and continue to pursue your dreams and aspirations. It’s not the destination, but it’s the journey. I hope each day of this year is a new adventure filled with great outcomes.

As a reminder, counseling lesson are during homeroom, and located in jigsaw. I hope you all enjoy what we have planned for this month!

For more information contact:

Tiania Lowe, Elementary Counselor

Email: tlowe@georgiacyber.org

Upcoming Events
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Character Crusaders Word of the Month: Courage

Courage involves making good choices in the face of fear or obstacles. It's another term for bravery.

Character Education Assembly Dates & Times:

Courage Presentations

K & 3rd Grade:

April 6, 2021 @ 8 AM

1st & 4th Grade:

April 7, 2021 @ 8 AM

2nd & 5th Grade:

April 8, 2021 @ 8 AM

* All sessions are found on your Jigsaw homepage*

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Career Cruising- Join our fantastic voyage of careers!

What does your little person want to be when they grow up? Join the counselors as we explore different careers with students and invite guest speakers to share with us. We want students to be exposed to and excited about careers early so they can have something to look forward to when they grow up!

This month our guest speaker is: TBA

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Small groups happen through out the year. Please email your counselor to see what groups are available.

**We will reconvene after GA Milestone Testing**

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Character Crusaders Students of the Month

Teacher: Katie Smith

Student: Lyric

Lyric has been doing an amazing job in ELA despite many challenges. She is always on top of her work and participates in class. She takes chances to provide answers to teacher questions even if she might get the answers wrong. She always has a kind word, too!

Teacher: Erin McMillan

Student: Chloe

Chloe always shows perseverance by participating and continuing through lessons and tests, even when she gets frustrated.

Teacher: Susan Robertson

Student: Symone

Symone has really struggled, but has a great attitude and has learned to persevere.

Teacher: Jaime Conner

Student: Elise

Elise has suffered a lot of loss in her life, but she continues to work hard and be positive. Her grandfather passed away last week, and he was her caregiver (along with her grandmother). Being able to press on after losing someone close deserves an award. :)

Teacher: Kelly Wood

Student: TreVon

TreVon is a hard worker and always does his best, even when the task might be difficult or challenging, he never gives up. He is a great student and we are very happy to have him here at GCA!

Teacher: Nicole Owens

Student: Jeremiah

Jeremiah comes to homeroom every day, ready to participate, with a smile on his face. He is determined to make homeroom a positive place for everyone!

Teacher: Janet Vaughan

Student: Lily (Lea)

Lea is in the process of helping her family remodel their home. Each week she shares the progress of work on their home using her webcam as her family perseveres in their construction.

Teacher: Simpson, Brandi

Student: Gaelen

Gaelen comes to the morning meeting each day with a positive attitude. He is always nice and kind to everyone and doesn't let anything keep him down. Regardless of what's going on, he makes sure to come to class each morning and give his best effort.

Teacher: Alicia Bennett

Student: Thomas (Asher)

Asher has had some challenges during the school year. I am so proud that he has not given up, even after a set back. He has definitely persevered in spite of his challenges. I am so proud of him and so excited to see him when he comes to homeroom!

Teacher: Dan Hall

Student: Anastasia

Anastasia always comes to class, speaks her mind, and is active and participative. She is diligent and strives to be a good student.

Teacher: Shemaka Meeks

Student: Roy

Roy comes into class, but he does not say much. But, when he shares and actually talks during class he has a lot to say. I think he preservers because he continues to come and not give up on himself when it comes to talking and sharing in class.

Teacher: Octavia Rowe

Student: Paul

Paul (Ivy) always perseveres in class activities.

Teacher: Taylor Jerkins

Student: Alazhia

This girl NEVER gives up! Her grades are amazing in my class and she still comes to tutoring!

Teacher: Lisa Breitbarth

Student: Brystol

Brystol shows perseverance by doing so well this year as a virtual student. This is her first year at GCA! She participates on the microphone, camera and completes her assignments. She is my Social Studies student as well as my homeroom student.

Teacher: Marlainna Loving

Student: Coralynn

Coralynn had technical difficulties all week, but managed to stay optimistic and try her best. She still made an effort to attend class and submit assignments on time though her device would often glitch and lose connection. She is resilient and a star student.

Teacher: Rebekah Claar

Student: Esteban

Estaban is cheerful and continues to pursue new activities in school.

Teacher: Alexandria Stephens

Student: Jordyn

Jordyn has shown perseverance both in HR and outside of school. She has maintained great grades while participating in a competitive sport. She continuously works with us in HR to add great thoughts and questions to our conversations.

Teacher: Khalea Crowe

Student: Isaiah

Isaiah comes to SS tutorial almost every day to make sure he improves his grades. He is determined to pass his classes.

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Who should I contact?

  • Scheduling Issues: Homeroom Teacher
  • Advanced Placement/ Gifted - Homeroom Teacher
  • Software Issues(Canvas, Jigsaw) – FSL
  • Attendance-Compliance Specialist
  • Password Resets- FSL
  • Technology Issues: Curriculum or instructional platform issues (student courses, G-suite, or Clever, Canvas, Jigsaw, Infinite Campus): technology@georgiacyber.org
Ways to help children succeed in school

Free Your Feels! Georgia crisis line for Georgia youth that need support

Free Your Feels is a mental health awareness campaign encouraging Georgia's young people to explore their real feelings and share them without being afraid.

Interested in raising awareness about youth mental health? This toolkit will help you get started. With social media posts, infographics, and helpful tips, you'll be equipped to start the conversation. Click on the Free Your Feel image to the right to access the toolkit!

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