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Interesting Enrichment Opportunity - Sept 4, 2013

Dear 1st Grade Teaching Staff:

An INTERESTING (and fully funded) ENRICHMENT Opportunity - need your feedback!

This morning we spoke with the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West located here in Los Angeles regarding their initiative named “Authentically EATalian” .

With the support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and Assocamerestero - the Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce in the world, this organization has created and recently launched this large, multifaceted program named “Authentically EATalian”. Inspired by the Let's Move campaign launched by First Lady Michelle Obama, “Authentically EATalian” aims at offering Los Angeles children and their families a new perspective on food, educating them in making better meal choices and fighting childhood obesity.

Through the support of the LAUSD, and in collaboration with Piccolo Chef (owners are a family that attends the school) Authentically EATalian has been implementing a string of educational initiatives and just completed programs at a select number of LAUSD schools.

This Enrichment would take place on campus. It is a hands on, highly-energetic and entertaining, 1 hour event where the Piccolo Chef Team engages each child in a fun-filled (hands-on) culinary class focusing on easy-to-make, healthy and delicious Italian recipes. Each child would learn a bit about Italy, heart healthy Mediterranean diet and cuisine, and experience making their own pasta. In addition each child would receive a free goody bag with Tshirt and other items.

Based on their experience at five LAUSD schools, the suggested age range for this event was 6 - 8, clearly a 1st or 2nd Grade event. I am sending it to you as I do feel that 1st Graders, developmentally, are the perfect fit. Although hands-on learning is appropriate and benificial for every age - the sensory portion of hands in flour, adding eggs etc. is ideal for this age.

I proposed doing this in the auditorium - 3 split sessions of one class each. FYI - this is still being negotiated but they have firmly agreed to 2 split session that would accomodate all three 1st Grades.

Fortunately/unfortunately - this is the tail end of the program. If interested we would have to book a date in the last week of September as the program is moving to the Italian Embassy/San Francisco first week of October.

Please let me know your thoughts as soon as possible.

Thanks again!!

Angela Galletta

(Joseph Levy's mom)

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Please note that this program was implemented in 5 LAUSD schools as an after school program to a multi age group. In speaking with the organization - they felt a younger audience (the 6-8 range) was ideal and also felt that offering during regular hours would be more impactful.

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