Doctor's advice For weight lose


Doctor's advice for weight lose

Well-known TCM expert Mr. Zhang Wuben the therapeutic regimen that once TV, Books and other vector-borne, they were enthusiastic practice of ordinary people to bring green beans, black beans, red beans and other grains Cereal Price climbing higher and higher. Reporter learned from the various markets in Jinan, Jinan today mung bean size of grain and oil shops 20 yuan / kg, red beans 18 per / kg, black beans 26 per / kg, 2-4 times higher than in previous years the average price.

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About early March began, bridge district system Jin Jinan City farmers market grain and oil shops Haojing Li Jinlong found, mung beans, black beans, red beans, soybeans, black rice and other cereals prices began to rise, "two days up San Mao, three days up a mile up almost every day. "Haojing Li introduced in previous years at this point, mung beans, black beans, red beans, soybeans, black rice price per kg of basic in seven yuan -9 per hour, even though Strong Sales in the summer season, mung bean The maximum per kg, but also 8 yuan, can now risen to 20-21 yuan per kilogram.

Why food prices rising grain and oil shop owner did not know. Jinan, East Road, East Division grain farmers market Leilei owner of introduction, some people say poor harvests last year, arid northeast, resulting in this year's bean Prices; Some say the South in the spring drought, resulted in barley prices rose. "Until recently we discovered, is a regimen called Zhang Wu of the Chinese diet experts pushing up food prices." Grain monopoly in Jinan Square shopping district Ginza Sell Members told reporters that a small study, some customers took the diet of the famous Wu Chang, "to eat food out of the patient to go back," Learning by selection of whole grains, cereals in recent sales surge.

This statement get a lot of grain and oil distributors agree, dragon grain store Haojing Li told reporters, in almost all her grain and oil shops to buy green beans, red beans, black beans and other residents, almost all know that Chang Wu and his health food of this therapy, " is eating normally, Zhang Wu of the treatment that can eat whole grains, why not. "A 70-year-old aunt, said Professor Zhang Wuben teach you" eat eat healthy. "

Many members of the public health under the guidance of the grains of knowledge included in the daily diet. Reporter visited a number of food stores, supermarkets found no shortage of grain and oil sales areas were selected, many consumers regarded black bean, soybean, mung bean, as will buy goods from at least three catties jin, as many as five pounds to buy three pounds, grains stained with the "health, said" the light, the price is constantly pushing. However, higher prices did not affect the sales, some people told us, and now people Diet Pay more attention to health, grains and then you, as long as healthy, or will it insist on buying. The grain shop owner also confirmed that such a high cereals prices, not only does not restrict sales, on the contrary, grains generally increased sales 34 percent. As to how the price of grains Simply Green Coffee Bean

trend, a number of grain and oil shops and supermarket distribution operators that the therapeutic regimen as the wind blowing more intense, especially with the popularization of health knowledge, coarse grains prices are likely to be higher the more speculation. But agricultural experts, said the high-hwan hi, and then two months a season green beans grains will enter the market, can effectively inhibit the prices skyrocketed.