Bowman News

16th Edition

November 30, 2018

In the Classroom with Corduck

This week's classroom sneak peek comes from a Kindergarten music class. The lesson focus was was on teaching children about tempo (speed of the music). The teacher used an analogy of a train and how the speed of the train is like tempo in music. Students watched a short video of a steam train moving on tracks and then invited two students to model being the locomotive and a train car. The pair modeled for the class what this looked like, what they needed to think about in order to make it easy to follow each other. The train car, placed their hands on the locomotive’s shoulders and the two marched together. After it was modeled, the whole class had a chance partner up (teacher selected who paired with whom) and around the room they roamed practicing synchronizing their tempo.

Thank You!

This past week, Mrs. Lamore, Mrs. Strodel, & Ms. Rogerson hosted a parent conversation on how to talk to your children about learning differences. While looking for resources, they came across the following Ted Talk - “Why we need to talk to Children about Race & Differences” that they recommend all parents/caregivers view.

Recess Footwear

Please consider the weather when sending your child(ren) to school. Snow or rain boots depending on the weather can make playing outside more fun and comfortable. Make sure though, that you are also providing them with comfortable shoes/sneakers to wear indoors.

PTA News

PTA helps Families in Need Holiday Gift Drive

Are you and your family looking for a way to help those less fortunate this holiday season? If so, please consider participating in the PTA’s Families in Need Holiday Gift Drive. This year the Bowman community is once again partnering with “The Second Step”, a non-profit based in Newton, MA ( The Second Step partners with women and child survivors of domestic violence to foster a supportive community and identify pathways to physical and emotional healing, housing, and financial security. For survivors who have left their homes and remain separated from their familiar neighborhoods, families and friends, the holidays can be a particularly stressful and bittersweet time. The Holiday Gift Drive is a terrific opportunity to meet the immediate needs of these folks and help make their holidays a little brighter. To access the Holiday Gift Drive sign-up sheet and see a list of recipients and their wishes, please use the following link:

You may sign up to donate a single gift to one person, or fulfill a person’s entire wishlist. There are also opportunities to donate wrapping supplies at the bottom of the list. In the case of gift cards, we suggest at least $25+ but any amount will be greatly appreciated. Gifts should be unwrapped and labeled with the recipient’s name code attached. Drop-off specifics are detailed in the sign-up sheet. Deadline for all gifts is Friday, December 7th. Thanks for making this holiday season a little brighter for these families! Questions? Email:

Read the latest issue of the PTA Bowman Broadside now at:

It may be late fall outside….but we are already thinking SPRING!

We are excited to announce our plans to host a school-wide Field Day - late May/early June with a date to be determined. While our gym teacher, Mr. Kane has much of the initial planning under way, we will need the support of the Bowman community to pull off this event. Please attend an open meeting on Friday, January 11th at 8:30am to learn more and to consider ways that you, our amazing support system, might help to make this a memorable day for our students.

Some positions that we anticipate filling include:

1-2 volunteers - communication liaison (Mr. Kane, admin, volunteers) throughout planning stages

3-5 volunteers - equipment setup on the day of the event

3-5 volunteers - equipment breakdown on the day of the event

Minimum of 12 (24 preferred) volunteers - activity facilitators on the day of the event

2-3 volunteers - water station attendants on the day of the event

1-2 volunteers - general support/circulation on the day of the event

Community News & Save the Dates

Friday, December 7, 6:30-8:30pm at the Lexington Community Center- Family Fun BINGO Night! Bring your friends and family over for a fun night of BINGO (ages 5+) at the Community Center! Entrance fee ($20) includes all your playing needs, light refreshments, snacks, and prizes throughout the night. We will be playing 10 rounds of BINGO so there are many chances to win! ”Walk-ins” are welcome, but pre-registration ( is required to be guaranteed participation in this event.

Save the dates:

Dec. 4th - LEF Grantee Reception - Cary Library @ 4pm

Dec. 6th - Seasonal Concert LHS Jazz, Diamond & Clark After School Jazz - LHS Auditorium @7pm

Dec. 12th - Seasonal Concert #2 Large Ensembles: Symphonic Band, Repertoire Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra - LHS Auditorium @7pm

Dec. 13th - First Round Nat. Geographic Bee 8:45-9:45am (4/5th grade students only)

Dec. 17th - Final Round of Nat. Geographic Bee 3:30-4:30pm (4/5th grade students only)

Dec. 24-Jan. 1st - December Holiday/No School

Jan. 17th - Admin. Coffee (BYOC/T Bring Your Own Coffee/Tea) @ 8:45pm

Jan. 21st - Martin Luther King Day - No School

Jan. 23rd - PTA Meeting @ 7pm