The Northwood Elementary Connection

April 2022 Parent Newsletter

From the Desk of Principal Miranda Roscoe

Hello Northwood Elementary families-

Spring is here! We are concluding state testing. Students in third and fourth grade did a great job putting forth effort and trying their best on the Ohio State Tests. Thank you to all parents who sent students to school on time and ready to show what they learned on State Tests.

Winning Classrooms for Positive Behavior Ice Cream Treat Incentive for March

Grades K-2 - Mr. Becka's class won with 27 tally marks

Grades 3-4 - Ms. Schulte's class won with 23 tally marks

Winning classrooms received tally marks for positive recess behavior. The focus for the month of April is completing quality classwork .


Miranda Roscoe

Principal Northwood Elementary

One School One Book Title Reading Family Event

The Kick-off assembly for our One School One Book Title Reading event is April 28th. Students will receive the book for their family to read together on this day. We are keeping the title of the book a secret until April 28th. Stay tuned for more information,

Top Sellers for the Suzin L. PTA Fundraiser


Michael S. II- $630.90

1st Grade:

Ava V.- $353.60

2nd Grade:

Kallie W.- $276.10

3rd Grade:

Emma C.- $530.05

4th Grade:

Mason L.- $257.50

Students received $5 Dairy Queen gift cards from Northwood Elementary PTA.

Mayor Whitfield Visits Northwood Elementary for Greet, Read & Q&A

From the Desk of School Counselor Milesa Brunetti

This month in classroom counseling lessons we will be starting the Second Step Child Protection Unit. Our main goal is to keep children safe from potentially dangerous situations.

Lesson 1: Ways to Stay Safe

Lesson Concepts

· Adults should take care of you and keep you safe.

· The Ways to Stay Safe are:

o Recognize: Is it safe? What’s the rule?

o Report: Tell an adult.

o Refuse: Say words that mean no.

· Following the Never-Never Rules helps you stay safe.

Lesson 2: The Always Ask First Rule

Lesson Concepts

· Always ask a parent or the person in charge first. (Always Ask First Rule)

· Following the Always Ask First Rule helps you stay safe.

Lesson 3: Safe and Unsafe Touches

Lesson Concepts

· Safe touches help you feel cared for and loved.

· Unsafe touches hurt your body or feelings.

· You can say words that mean no to any kind of touch you don’t want.

Milesa Brunetti

(440) 284-8310

Food Service Parent-Student Survey

The Student ViewPOINT survey is Aramark’s platform to collect feedback from our K-12 students about their overall dining experience. The insights gathered will help us enhance our food service program to better meet student needs and expectations. We hope to better understand: top drivers for student dining decisions, favorite types of food & flavors, opportunities for improvement, preferred communication style & ordering preferences and overall satisfaction. For the first time, the survey has been extended to parents of elementary aged students to help us better understand our youngest consumers.

Parent/Student Survey HERE

Band Boosters' Pink Cookie 5K

Big picture

Important Dates

April 13th- Gr. 4 Spring Concert PAC 6:30 p.m.

April 15th-Spring Break

April 25th- School Resumes

May 3rd- Gr. 2 Whole Grade GATE Testing

May 19th - Gr. K & 1 Spring Concert 6:30

May 25th - Title Family Night 6:00 p.m.

May 27th- Field Day

Second Harvest Food Pantry @ Ely Stadium 3:30-5:30

Food pantry dates:

5/2/ 6/6 & 7/11

Goals for Northwood Elementary School 2021-2022

Standards Alignment

By the end of the 2023/2024 school year 75% of teachers will design lessons that consider the point of view and interest of all students to enhance their learning.

Safe and Healthy Schools

By the end of the 2023/2024 school year, Elyria City Schools will improve 75% of students' sense of safety and feelings of belonging through health/wellness support, increased implicit bias awareness, and positive behavior programming as measured by a 30% decreased discipline referrals and 30% increased attendance.

Elyria Schools Belief Statements

We believe…

  • Learners thrive when school is engaging and personally meaningful.
  • All Pioneers have a voice in decisions that affect them
  • Excellence is achieved through a detailed vision, commitment, and moral leadership