A place with sun.

General information about Hawaii

Hawaii is the USAs nation's 50th State, and consists of a series of steep volcanic islands.

Hawaii is the southernmost state in the United States, and the islands are surrounded by coral reefs.

The largest mountain in Hawaii called Mauna Kea, and the mountain has an altitude of 4205 meters above sea level. The mountain is actually higher than Mount Everest if you should have measured from the base of Mauna Kea mountain. Mauna Kea is located on the seabed of the Pacific Ocean, so the mountain is in reality about 10,200 feet high.

Surfer paradis

Hawaii remains one of the most visited places where people can surf. There are many famous beaches that attract surf enthusiasts from all over the world and there are many famous beaches. The big waves are found on north side of the islands, while in winter you can find those on the south side.


Hawaii is a typical tropical climate, and the temperature remains warm throughout the year. There are only some small differences between months.

When it is summer on Hawaii, is often temperature around 31 ° on the day and 24 ° at night.
When it's winter, are the temperature on 28 ° on the day and 18 ° at night.


Blue Hawaii (Instrumental).


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