Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow

It's Never To Late

Styles of Dance

There are many styles of dance. Dance includes styles such as ballet, hip hop, jazz, rythm step, and modern just to name a few.


 Ballet is one style of dance this style considers you to do sharp movements and still be graceful. For this dance you really need to have self-disipline and self-control. This dance is alot of work and takes many years of training in order to get right but it is also alot of fun and very self-pleasing when you take the time and Know what to do.


Acro is  a mix of the style of jazz and gymnastics this dance has alot to do with balance and flexibility.


Modern is a type of dance where it all about  body movements. Modern is the dance wher you can be free and show all emotion. it a style that ahs no rules it's a style that cna become anything you want it to be.