Skin Cancer

By:Brewer Buchwald

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer is the growth of abnormal skin cells. It usually is made by UV rays from tanning beds or too much sunshine.

Signs of Skin Cancer

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How to treat Skin Cancer

The most common treatments are Micro-graphic surgery or Radiation.

Micro-graphic Surgery- A surgery where a doctor takes a scalpel (a sharp, ring shaped instrument), the physician takes the visible tumor then while the patient is waiting he/she then the layer is sectioned, frozen, stained and mapped with detail, then is put under a microscope thoroughly.

Radiation- X ray beams that is directed at the tumor, with no need for cutting, but to destroy the tumor it takes usually about a week to 4 weeks.

The health effects of skin cancer

Getting to much UV rays will make your skins accelerate its aging process which makes you skin look dry, old, dull, wrinkled, loose and causing pigment changes which is commonly known as "aging spots" which can also lead to skin cancer.