The Drone Phone

All it takes is a word and your phone flies across the world

About the Company

Toodles Inc. is a company where we create easier ways to live your everyday life. Our newest invention, the Drone Phone, is about robotics. Have you ever lost your phone and it seemed to be gone forever? Now we have a solution! The Drone Phone is something you input in your phone that connects it to you. With the Drone Phone, you are able to call your phone from up to 50,000 miles away and it will come! All you do is use your remote *only sold by Toodles Inc.* and type in the password! Your phone will find you!

Toodles Inc. is run by Vanessa Peterson and her assistant Caitlyn Grehn. They are located in DeKalb Illinois. The company uses a factory system to create each individual Toodle installer app and remote! Working conditions are easy and few jobs are needed. Most of the workers are robotic. If you are sent in to fix any broken machines, which rarely break, you are treated well and it is a safe area. Spirituals tend to be sung, since we like to honor the Native Americans back then.

History Of The Company

The company, founded in 2009, has been run by Vanessa Peterson and Caitlyn Grehn since the beginning. Toodles Inc. was inspired by the world-changing Cotton Gin that was created by Eli Whitney. They wanted to make something that would have a giant effect, just like it.

Product Name

Our product name is the Drone Phone. It is a phone that comes like a drone robot to a certain password only set to your voice. When you lose your phone and you have this app, you are guaranteed to get it back just by pressing a button and saying your password. It is used for finding your phone if it gets lost or stolen up to 50,000 miles away.

The Drone Phone is created in a giant assembly line mostly made up of robotics. Although it is made up of a small amount of humans, we make sure it is not ending like Lowell Mills did back in the 1830's.

We use a system that honors the Erie Canal, using trucks called the Erie Canals. They send out the finished products to our Toodle Inc. stores. They are just as a useful as the Erie Canal was back in its time.

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One Installer Drone Phone remote and app costs about $800.000. Currently, we are having a family plan deal. You can buy five Drone Phone Install for your family for the low price of $3,500! So cheap! You are able to buy a limitless number, but our family plan is our only deal.


Our product is obviously the best, since it is so far the only phone that flies to you! 9 out of 10 people agree that this is the best invention so far of 2015!

National Pride

Our invention the Drone Phone will save people money because they won't have to buy a new phone if theirs gets stolen or lost. With this invention it can help our nation have better Nationalism by being proud of the resources we have and especially have pride in our country because of the Drone Phone. This product will help with financial problems,it is like Sectionalism. It will give our state Illinois, our city DeKalb. People will be able to get jobs easier by working for us in Toodles inc. We have lots of space for Employees


Cotton Gin: the cotton gin, short for engine, has been created by Eli Whitney. He used it to separate cotton seeds from the cotton.

Eli Whitney: created the cotton gin.

Factory System: men and women were under one roof working on one product with their own separate jobs that all add up.

Spirituals: Native Americans would sing these; they could go for hours.

Erie Canal: a canal that led from New York City to Buffalo, New York.

Nationalism: pride in your country

Sectionalism: pride and confidence in a smaller area/community.