Self-Diagnosis for Individual and Team : Where do you stand?

You want to:

  • Get over some limiting beliefs that are slowing you down
  • Understand and implement new patterns in team management
  • Inject more willpower
  • Get more coherence in multi-cultural teams
  • Increase interaction between the team members
  • Redefine a team as an achiever
  • Get a clear vision on personal potential and leader profile
  • Identify the talents of each individuals and their contribution to the hall
  • Create more agility in the decision making process
  • ...

Self Diagnosis

This tool allows, individuals and teams, to identify managerial profile, behavioral patterns and areas for improvement based on strengths and potential.

It has been used for over 15 years in executive committees, with leaders, entrepreneurs, management teams, operational, multicultural, in international groups, SMEs, associations in many countries and sectors of varied activities.

This tool was developed by Alain Cardon Metasysteme©.


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Individuals, Teams and Organizations